About Us

“Queen Anne” has for many years been famous around the world for its leading brand of silver plated table and giftware.


The business has links to a company that was first established in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham in 1919, and has therefore been influenced by the expertise and craftsmanship of the fine English Silversmiths operating there. Their skills and designs which have been passed down through generations, provide the basis for many of our traditional manufactured products.

 Manufacturing has been taking place on the present factory site in Wednesbury for over 55 years, and many of its experienced workforce has in excess of 35 years service.

 We continue to produce fine quality silver plate at an affordable price and combined with our special tarnish resistant coating the finished article is easy to look after, as it never needs polishing.

 Queen Anne is proud to be the only major silver plating company left in the U.K. that can  say its products are still “Made in England”